Agra News : A speeding car collided with a truck and became a ball of fire.

Agra News : On Thursday night at 12:45 pm on the Agra Firozabad highway, a speeding car collided with a truck moving ahead at Jawahar bridge. After the accident, the car got stuck in the rear of the truck and the driver applied the brakes. The car caught fire as a result of the collision. At that time some people were sitting in the car.

The occupants of the car opened the door and came out. In no time, the car started burning in flames. After the accident, there was a jam on the highway. On the other hand, police and fire brigade personnel reached the spot on the information of the incident. The fire was brought under control after about half an hour. The police opened the jam by removing both the vehicles. Police said that the car caught fire due to the collision. All the occupants of the car are safe.

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