Agra News : An accident like Tila Maithan should not happen again.

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : The Agra Development Authority has fixed responsibilities so that incidents like Agra’s Tila Maithan do not happen again. The authority has empaneled its engineers to decide the quantum of earthworks and check it. These engineers will be part of the administration team.

Authority’s secretary Garima Singh has sent a list of names of its engineers to ADM City for investigation in mining matters. Among them, Imran Habib Ansari in Chatta ward, Uday Narayan Pandey in Kotwali, Manoj Kumar Rathore in Rakabganj, Pankaj Shukla and Vijender Singh in Tajganj, Raj Kapoor and Dharamvir Bansla in Lohamandi and Fatehpur Sikri, Rajeev Govil in Shahganj, SK Solanki in Hariparvat I, Hariparvat Manoj Mishra in II and Hariparvat-III has been entrusted with the responsibility of KP Singh.

People of 30 houses built behind have returned after the incident of houses collapsing due to soil mining in the basement of Tila Maithan. But, the rains since two days have given them sleepless nights. His eyes are on the cracks and walls in the houses. The metro has put soil and debris in the basement, but due to the rain, the fear of erosion behind and its impact on their houses is haunting them. The residents of the street are keeping an eye on the cracks in the roof and walls of their houses.

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