Agra News : Angry mob blocked the death of the sweeper

Agra News : Angry over the death of a sweeper in a road accident on the highway in Thana Etmaddaula area of Agra, people blocked the highway by keeping the dead body on Sunday evening. The highway remained jammed for one and a half hours. The ambulance also got stuck in it. The revenue department team and the police got the jam opened by convincing them.

Bablu (32), a resident of Nunihai in Etmaddaula, was a sweeper. While returning home on Saturday night, he was hit by a vehicle and died. After the post-mortem at five o’clock on Sunday evening, the family members and the people of the society reached the Agra-Firozabad highway with the dead body. Keeping the dead body there, they blocked it. Within a short time, there were long queues of vehicles on both sides of the highway. Ambulances were also stuck in the jam.

People said that there is a need for an underpass on the Trans Yamuna Colony. Due to lack of underpass here, Bablu died in an accident. Demanded to build an underpass. Along with this, he also demanded that Bablu’s wife should get a job in the Municipal Corporation. Inspector Etmaddoula and Tehsil personnel reached the spot. He opened the jam by assuring financial help from the government.

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