Agra News : Anupam builder director Ramavatar Agarwal and his wife arrested

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Agra News : The Kamla Nagar police station of Agra has arrested the owner of Anupam Builder Ramavatar Agarwal and his wife Shashibala Agarwal and sent them to jail. In the case of cheating, non-bailable warrants were issued against both of them from the court. Firozabad’s retired CMO Dr. against him in the year 2018. Vimla Solanki had filed a case of cheating in police station New Agra. The builder’s son and others were also named.

Police told that Dr. resident of Teachers Colony, Lohamandi. Vimla Solanki has retired from the post of CMO in Firozabad. He had complained to the then SSP in the year 2018. His age is 70 years. He visited flats in Anupam Okarian Infrastructor in the year 2012. Bought six flats on choice. The amount was paid through cheque. Three flats were ready, while the roof of three was not made. More money was given on this. The builder has given possession of three flats. Sold to three others. He filed a case against the buyer and the builder, along with others.

Vipin Gautam, in-charge of police station Kamla Nagar, said that on December 7, 2018, a case was registered against Ramavatar Agarwal and his wife Shashibala Agarwal, residents of B block of Kamla Nagar, in police station New Agra. He was accused of cheating. His non-bailable warrants were issued. Warrants came to the police station. The police had served on this. The accused were taken into custody and produced in the court, from where they were sent to judicial custody.

Dr. Vimla Solanki had told the police that she had gone to the site to inquire about the flat. There was a board of Central Bank of India. The builder had taken a loan of crores on the flat. The bank had put up a board on this. A loan was also taken against the flat they had got. There was already a loan on the project.

This is not the first case of builder cheating in the city. Even before this there have been cases of cheating. People have been cheated in the name of plots, flats and houses. There have been cases of selling one flat to several people. There are more than 200 people in the Ansal Group fraud. He was shown land, houses and flats in Bichpuri. Money was taken from people. But, could not get possession. Many people were not even registered. Many people are also protesting. A complaint has been lodged against the officials. The police had recently arrested the accountant and director of the company. Earlier also one accused was arrested. Apart from this, builders have been arrested and sent to jail.

There is a pile of complaints against the builders. More than 50 cases are registered against prominent builders. In the last one year, two builders have been sent to jail in cases of forgery and cheating. After registering the case, the attitude of the police is lax, in which the accused are given a chance to escape. In most of the cases, stay is taken to avoid arrest. Activist Shabi Jafri says that if the police take quick action, then the accused should be caught. The victims have to travel from several police stations to the offices of the officers to file a case. If a case is registered, then one has to wander for action. Getting arrested is not easy.

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