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Agra News : 1, Salesman was killed for demanding four lakh rupees for lottery, 4 arrested

Police revealed the murder case in Sadar, the property dealer had given 4 lakh rupees for lottery, but was not returning it on demand.

The deceased Manohar had gone away with his keys and I-phone, there was a dispute about this, the four accused together executed the murder, the police have also recovered the DVRs of the cameras.

2, fake lieutenant commander used to order stamp paper online

STF interrogation revealed, police is looking for the associates of the accused, the Babu of the Ministry of Defense is being searched.

3, the young man fainted after taking sleeping pills to meet the police commissioner

Admitted to SN Medical College Emergency, family members kept distance, refused to come, police is providing treatment, complaint information is being taken.

4, Police is probing the call details of the fake officer

The former MLA was made a victim of fraud by calling, a case has been registered against the accused

5, Holi hooliganism will have to eat jail air

The Police Commissioner appealed to the people to celebrate the festival peacefully. Force will be deployed across the district by making points.

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