Agra News : Brij area will be developed with 470 crores

Agra News : Mainpuri. In the budget of the Uttar Pradesh government, a lot of money has been given to promote tourism in Brij region. Brij area will be developed with a total amount of Rs 470 crore. Due to this, the Brij area will shine differently on the map of not only the state but the country. Tourism Minister Jaiveer Singh said these things.

He told that the state government has presented a better budget keeping in mind every section. The tourism department has also made special provisions in the budget to promote tourism in the state as well as in the Brij region. While a provision of 100 crores has been made for the Braj pilgrimage Mathura-Vrindavan in the budget, an amount of 20 crores has been given for the development of Bateshwar.

On the other hand, a provision of Rs 50 crore has been made by the Culture Department for the proposed auditorium and museum in Mainpuri. Tourism will be developed in Brij area with a total amount of Rs 470 crore. The Tourism Minister said that the development of Mainpuri and the entire Brij region will not stop.

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