Agra News : Chandan’s family is demanding the unveiling of the statue

Agra News : Kasganj. The relatives of youth Chandan Gupta, who was killed during the Tiranga Yatra in the violence of the city, are constantly raising demands from the administration to unveil the sandalwood statue, build Chandan Chowk and give government jobs to the family members. This demand was raised by tweeting on Twitter on Monday. The tweet of the demand continued to go viral on social media. Chandan Gupta was killed during the Tiranga Yatra in 2018 and violence broke out in the city. Gradually the violence reached the town areas as well. After Chandan’s murder, public representatives had assured the family that Chandan Chowk would be built and a job would be given, but this demand was not fulfilled. Sandalwood statue has been put up on Prabhupark Road near Mal Godown intersection, but till now neither this statue has been unveiled nor Chandan Chowk has been built. Chandan’s sister has not even got a job. On Monday, this matter went viral on social media after being posted on the tweet. Chandan’s brother Vivek told that the assurances of public representatives have not been fulfilled. Even after five years have passed, such situations have arisen. Family members are under constant stress. He raised the demand of the Chief Minister to get Chandan Chowk built and to get a job.

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