Agra News : Couple beaten with sticks for refusing to play DJ

Agra Khabar

Agra News : Neighboring youths attacked an elderly couple with sticks when they came to reduce the loud sound of DJ on Holi in Kuthawali village of Agra police station Malpura. Both were brutally beaten. Due to this Prem Singh (55) died. The attackers fled when the police arrived. Police is searching for them.

The incident took place on Wednesday evening around 6 pm. Preeti, daughter-in-law of Kuthawali resident Prem Singh, has given birth to a child through operation. She has come home from the hospital on March 5. The family told the police that the DJ was playing loudly in the neighborhood on Holi. Due to this the daughter-in-law was having trouble. He asked to reduce the DJ’s volume. On this, Prem Singh and his wife Vijayalatha went to reduce the DJ’s volume. He asked the youths dancing on the DJ to reduce his voice, which led to a dispute.

It is alleged that the youths thrashed Prem Singh and his wife Vijayalatha with sticks and rods. Prem Singh died on the spot after being hit on the head with a stick. After this the attackers fled. Vijayalatha, who was injured in the beating, was admitted to the hospital. In the case, the police say that the post-mortem has been done. Action is being taken after investigation on the basis of Tahrir.

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