Agra News : Delhi team became tournament winner by defeating Sambhal 2-0

Agra News : Ganjdundwara. Ustad Badrul Hasan Memorial Night Volleyball Tournament was organized on the ground near the development block campus. In this, the Delhi team won the final match and won the tournament. The first semi-final was held between Delhi and Mainpuri hostels, in which the Delhi team emerged victorious. Whereas, the second semi-final took place between Sambhal and HRC Sambhal. In this, the team of Sambhal became the winner. After this, both the semi-finals were played between the winning teams of Delhi and Sambhal. In this, the Delhi team won the match by defeating the Sambhal team by 2-0. The Delhi team became the tournament winner and won the trophy. The winning and runner up teams were awarded with mementos and cash prizes.

The match referees were Saqib Hussain, Rajeev Mishra and Qasim Iqbal. Wahid Hussain, Wasim Wahid Pradhan Ganeshpur, Naseem Wahid, Ashab Hussain, Satish Goswami, Jamal Akhtar, Yogesh Gupta, Anil Rathore, Vivek Rathore, Arbab Wasim, Mohsin were present in the match.

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