Agra News : E-rickshaw battery used to be stolen on the pretext of congratulating, four caught

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : A gang was active near Agra’s SN Medical College and Lady Loyal Hospital to drain the battery of e-rickshaw drivers by giving them intoxicated tea and juice. MM Gate police has arrested 4 thieves including child molesters. He told that he has stolen batteries worth more than two lakh rupees so far.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Sukanya Sharma said that among the arrested accused are Karan and Nitin residents of Shahganj and Gaurav residents of Shahdara, Etmaddoula. During interrogation, he said that the gang had targeted Pappu, an e-rickshaw driver, Bundu Katra, Sadar, a week ago. After making him unconscious by feeding him an intoxicant in sugarcane juice, he had crossed the battery from his car. Two other e-rickshaw drivers had also complained to the police station. Police was investigating.

When Pappu regained consciousness after three days, he informed the police. Police said that Karan and Nitin used to bring the rickshaw puller on the pretext of admitting a pregnant woman in the family. After this, he used to tell the rickshaw driver that there is good news in the family. In happiness, they used to give intoxicant pills on the pretext of giving them juice or tea. After that they used to cross the battery. Police told that Nitin used to give Karan a drug pill for one thousand rupees. An e-rickshaw, four batteries and Rs 9,000 cash have been recovered from the accused. The child abuser has been sent to a juvenile home.

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