Agra News : Elderly woman alone in the house of crores

Agra News : No one came to know when the old woman who lived alone in a house worth crores in North Vijay Nagar Colony of Agra died. When his brother came to meet him after a long time from Ghaziabad, then the information could be known. He told that 65 year old Nirmal Devi was very promising. He had obtained a doctorate degree. His father Gopal had a lathe factory. Work was going well. Nirmal was living a lonely life after the death of her father 20 years ago and her mother two and a half years ago. He kept distance from his half-brothers and sister. Because of this, she had become a stranger even for her own people. This was the reason that his death was known when his dead body turned into a skeleton.

Nirmal Devi lived in Kothi number 67. His brother Ranveer Singh came to meet him on Thursday. He is a resident of Loni, Ghaziabad. When the door did not open, he told the police. Nirmal’s skeleton was found in the house. He had told the police that his father Gopal had a lathe factory in Foundry Nagar. He had done two marriages. Apart from his first wife Swaroop Devi, he had brothers Surendra, Surenschand, Surajbhan and sister Pravesh. Mother died in childhood. For this reason the father remarried Hoshiyari Devi. Started living with him in North Vijaynagar Colony. He went to live in Ghaziabad.

Father had a daughter Nirmal from his second wife. She was very clever in reading. He did PhD. Didn’t get married after this. As long as the father was there, he used to come home. But, he died 20 years ago. Stopped coming and going on this. After the death of Hoshiyari Devi, her sister started worrying. He used to come to meet her, but she would not open the door. Because of this they used to return.

He had come a month and a half ago as well. Knocked on the door, but got no answer from inside. The gate was locked. He spoke to a shopkeeper in the colony. Said that sister is not giving any answer. A number was given on this. Said that if the sister is seen in the house, then tell that the brother has come. But, the shopkeeper also did not give any answer. Now he had come to take the sister for care. That’s why he came with his niece Rajni, son Vishan Singh, nephews Ravi, Ajit etc. But, no reply was received. When the police was called, a skeleton was found in the house.

The family told that a skeleton was found in the room in the house. He was lying on the floor. There was also a bed in the room. It is feared that she may have woken up from work. During this she fell down and died. Police estimate that he might have died about two months ago. It must have taken this much time to convert a dead body into a skeleton.

The kothi where Nirmal Devi was living in North Vijay Nagar Colony is about 500 square yards. Its value is in crores. There are 10-12 big brothels in the colony. The oldest of these belonged to Nirmal Devi. A tenant living in the neighborhood told that Nirmal used to visit the nearby shop often. But, she did not speak to anyone. Because of this, even the neighbors did not speak. Once inside the house, she did not even come out. No one even knew where the drinking water, ration etc. came from. Nirmal was the only one living in the Kothi after the death of her father and mother.

Arvind Kumar, Inspector in-charge of Police Station Hariparvat said that the post mortem report has not been received. The skeleton of Nirmal Devi was found. Forensic report is also required on this. Doctors and forensic experts will prepare the report. On the other hand, after the postmortem, the family performed the last rites.

Neighbors told that Nirmal Devi used to leave the house daily. She used to go to a shop located 200 meters away. Used to buy one liter of milk. Apart from this, no one had seen him buying some other items. In such a situation, it is estimated that she was living only by drinking milk.

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