Agra News : Fatima of Bangladesh has been caught in fake currency

Agra News : Bangladeshis have been caught earlier in Agra as well. There a woman named Fatima used to sell vegetables while living in Etmaddoula. In the guise of this work, fake currency was also consumed. The NIA had investigated after the matter came to light. After this many more women came on the radar of intelligence agencies.

On February 16, 2017, the National Investigation Agency NIA arrested Fatima alias Lichi, a resident of Sushil Nagar, Etmaddoula. She was a resident of Chapai Nawabganj district of Bangladesh. She came without a visa. She was living married to a person named Sher Ali. She was doing the work of selling vegetables. His real business was to run fake currency.

Fatima had also got a passport made by giving wrong information. Chapai of Nawabganj used to bring fake currency to him. He was caught by the West Bengal Police on January 18, 2016 with fake currency worth two lakhs. The notes were printed in the printing press of Dhaka. The notes were genuine in appearance. The names of many more women were revealed in the interrogation of Fatima. She was a resident of Agra, Firozabad. Information about the involvement of an employee of the corporation was received. The gang was also caught in Sadar.

The police have many questions. On which investigation is being done. When did the Bangladeshis caught in Sector 14 come to India? Who came in contact with him after his arrival? Who helped in making fake documents. Where did these people live? what were you working on?

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