Agra News : If there was no train at night, then the neighbor’s house would have been cleaned

Agra News : In Sector-7 of Awas Vikas Colony of Agra, on Monday night, thieves broke open the locks of the locked house and collected the goods. They were about to run away when the neighbor raised an alarm. On this the thieves threw away the goods and ran away.

Theft took place at Sector-7 resident Vimla Devi’s house. She lives with daughter-in-law. A week ago had gone to an acquaintance’s place to attend a wedding. The house was locked. Thieves entered the rooms by breaking the locks on Monday night. Collected valuables. After that came out. They were about to run away when Sachin of the colony came out of his house. He had to go to the railway station.

When they saw the thieves coming out of the locked house with the goods, it did not take them long to understand the matter. He started making noise. People have come. Seeing this, the thieves threw the goods and ran away. Some people also ran after the thieves, but could not catch them. Informed the police about the incident. The police investigated and returned.

On the other hand, the bike of Ashish Singh, a resident of Indirapuram Colony of Sadar, was stolen. He went to the gym on Monday evening. Parked his Bullet bike outside the gym. Got out at around 10.15 pm. Bike not found. He gave Tahrir in Sadar police station. Police is watching CCTV footage.

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