Agra News : Innocent reached the shore of the pond while playing, suddenly his foot slipped

Agra News : Last evening in Agra district of Uttar Pradesh, an innocent person died due to drowning in a pond. When the relatives came to know, there was a hue and cry in the house. People around also gathered. He kept consoling the distressed family members.

The incident is of Nagla Natthi village under Barhan police station area. Divyansh, the 4-year-old son of Lokendra Yadav, a resident of here, was playing outside the house at around 6 pm on Wednesday. There is a pond near the house. While playing he reached the bank of the pond. Suddenly his foot fell in the Philson, he slipped and fell into the pond.

After this he kept on splashing in the water for a while. Perhaps with the hope that someone would save him..but in no time his breath broke. When Divyansh was not seen for a long time, the family started searching for him. He was traced in the surrounding houses, but could not be found anywhere. People were searching for him in the surrounding fields, when his body was seen landing in the pond.

The villagers got into the pond and pulled him out. As soon as the news spread, a crowd gathered on the spot. The family members are in bad condition by crying. People told that Divyansh’s father Lokendra had gone to his sister’s house. Police reached the information and investigated the incident. There is mourning in the house due to the death of the innocent in the accident.

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