Agra News : Investigation started in case of taking money by ambulance pilot

Agra News : Mainpuri. The complaint regarding the case of taking money by the government ambulance pilot has reached the Chief Minister’s portal after a youth who came in a relationship in Kuravli was injured in a road accident. The investigation has started after the complaint of the case reached the Chief Minister’s portal. The Lucknow office of the Ambulance Service has sought information about the matter from the Divisional Manager.

Shanti Kumar’s son Rajendra, a resident of Kailai village of Thana Eka area of district Firozabad, had come to his kinship in Kurawali area. He was injured in the accident on Monday night. He was taken to Kuravli CHC in a government ambulance. The injured’s wife Shivkumari accused the ambulance pilot and EMT of taking one thousand rupees in the name of CC breakdown. The video also went viral accusing the woman. When the complaint was made on the Chief Minister’s portal, the ambulance department also swung into action. The divisional manager and district manager were ordered from the Lucknow office to investigate the entire matter and hand over the report to them.

On Wednesday, District Ambulance Service Manager Sachin Kumar reached Kurawali Hospital and gathered information about the case. At the same time, the district manager has also taken information about the whole matter from the people present during the incident. Answer has also been sought from the concerned pilot and EMT in the matter.

The case is being investigated. Prima facie it has been found that the injured youth was intoxicated. A reply has been sought from the Lucknow office. After checking all the facts, the report will be sent to the higher authorities.

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