Agra News : ‘Jam’ was spilling in the grocery store, the confectioner made a video, then there was a ruckus

Agra News : Liquor was being served in a grocery shop at Kheria turn of Shahganj police station in Agra. At the behest of the police, the confectioner started making videos. On this, the shopkeeper and his family members attacked him with sticks and rods. The confectioner and his family were mercilessly beaten up. The video of the incident has also surfaced. Police have registered a case. The accused have fled.

Jagdish, a resident of Kidwai Nagar, Kheria Mod, has a confectionery outside his house. His brother Neeraj told that Anil Kumar, Kamal Singh, Tinku who live in the neighborhood serve liquor at their grocery shop. Due to this, there is a gathering of people. Two days ago, a young man came in a car to drink alcohol. He hit his counter. Started fighting on opposing. Complained to the police on this.

The family told that in the case, the police had asked to make a video of drinking alcohol. On Thursday, when people came to drink alcohol, Jagdish started making videos from mobile. Then the accused attacked. Beaten with sticks. Younger brother Manish came to save elder brother. The accused also thrashed him. Two sisters and wife who came to save him also suffered injuries.

Inspector-in-charge of Shahganj police station Samaresh Kumar Singh said that a case has been registered against three named and 4-5 unknowns in the case. Efforts are being made to arrest the accused.

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