Agra News : Mathematics professor wife does not want to live with her husband

Agra News : The domestic dispute of Mathematics Professor has reached the Family Counseling Center of Agra’s Police Line. Talking to girl students on the phone, the atmosphere of this professor’s house has deteriorated. First there were quarrels between husband and wife. Later both of them separated. The wife has made several allegations against the husband while the husband has termed the allegations as baseless. The matter has reached the Family Counseling Center. Even on the second date on Sunday, the counselor explained but both did not agree to live together. Now they have been given the third date for the last attempt.

The Mathematics professor was married 6 years back in Prayagraj. Has a daughter of 5 years. The wife is in her maternal house after having a fight with her husband 6 months back. Sunday was the second date at the Family Counseling Center. The wife says that even after coming home from college, the husband talks sweetly to the girl students over the phone. When asked, they say that they are students, so they will definitely ask about their studies. Talk about college in college. Whenever you see, they keep on talking happily on the phone.

On the other hand, the husband said that I am a teacher. If the students face any problem while studying, they ask me over the phone. The wife doubts about this. Counselor Amit Gaur told that even after persuasion, when both did not agree to live together, a third date was given.

The girl, a resident of Shamsabad Road, was married two years back to a youth from Mathura. After 15 days of marriage, the couple started fighting. After two months the wife came to her maternal home. She said that the husband is having an affair with someone. No one even talks properly in the in-laws house. The husband has left by saying talaq three times on the phone. The matter reached the Family Counseling Center. The husband did not attend counseling even once. It was recommended to register a case on this. Here, 82 couples were called at the Family Counseling Center on Sunday. 22 couples appeared. Reconciliation took place in three of these. In three cases, a recommendation was made to register a case. In the remaining cases, the next date was given.

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