Mechanic Chor Stole 250 Vehicles In 35 Years

AgraNews : Kapil Gupta, a 12th pass car mechanic in Agra, became a hi-tech thief within a few years. He stole 250 vehicles in 35 years by forming a gang. The incident was carried out in four states. Used to sell new vehicles for one to two lakhs in the northeastern states. Station Hariparvat police and SOG team arrested him along with two gang members on Friday. Theft tools including three cars have been recovered.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Nagar Vikas Kumar said that Kapil Gupta alias Ram alias Chapta, resident of Civil Line, Morena, Madhya Pradesh, Babi Chauhan, resident of Police Station Amba (Morena) and Rinku Kumar, resident of Gwalior, have been arrested. During interrogation, it was found that the gang steals vehicles in a hi-tech manner. First Reiki, then they commit an incident. Kapil and Rinku had stolen a Swift car from Kamla Nagar in April. By throwing the number plate on Bhagwan Talkies, he went to Morena. Have gone to jail for vehicle theft earlier also. Kapil told the police that he had stolen 200 to 250 vehicles. Cases are registered against the accused in the police stations of Jhansi, Gwalior, Morena including Agra.

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