Agra News : Mobile switch off, bike found standing on the road,

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : On March 10, a Class 11 student who had parked his bike in Kachipura under Sadar police station in Agra went missing. Even after searching a lot by the family members, there was no trace of him. Student’s mobile is also switched off. Police has registered missing person.

Keshav Singh, a full resident of Saiyan’s pile, is a farmer. He told that 18-year-old son Satya Singh is a student of class 11th. He studies in John Milton School, Sadar. For this reason, Madhu lives in his aunt Urmila’s house in Nagar. Kheria also used to go to study in a coaching at the turn. On March 10, at 3 pm, he left for coaching on a bike.

The father told that his maternal uncle lives in Kachipura, Cantt. He reached his maternal uncle’s house after studying coaching. Parked his bike outside Narayan Palace near his house and left. After that did not come back. Checked with relatives and friends, but could not find any information about him. Inspector-in-charge of Thana Sadar, Neeraj Kumar Sharma says that he has registered missing in the case. Student is being searched.

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