G-20 Agra Nagar Nigam got bio and phyto remediation done for 2 Crore

AgraNews : G-20, The Agra Nagar Nigam got bio and phyto remediation done on the drains of the city falling into the Yamuna river for two crore rupees, but this two crore rupees were wasted. Tourists are troubled by the foul smell of drains coming out of the Taj Mahal East Gate and Agra Fort Gate. In February, the guests of G-20 may also have to face foul smell. The Mantola drain in front of the Agra Fort is full of clippings and filth, while the sewer of Tajganj is reaching the Taj East Gate drain.

According to Tajganj Vard Parshad ‘ Shobharam Rathore, the bio and phyto remediation done by the Municipal Corporation on the drains was not effective. Don’t know where in which drain the works were done. Councilor Shiromani Singh has asked the same question that before the G-20 guests are being asked to pour chemicals in the drains again. The corporation spent two crore rupees to remove the foul smell, where did it go. Why didn’t it have any effect? If chemical was to be used, then why two crore rupees were spent.

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