Agra News : Principal’s son fell in love with school teacher, raped her for two years

Agra Khabar

Agra News : A girl from a village in Malpura police station area of Agra was raped by the son of the principal of the same school where she went to teach. When the teacher complained about this to the principal, she was expelled from the school. After which the victim complained to the police station in Malpura. Police registered a case on the complaint of the victim.

In the Tahrir in the police station, she has said that she used to teach as a teacher in the school. The son of the principal of the same school raped her for two years. The girl alleges that he used to threaten to expel her from the school. The girl told the police that when she complained about this to the principal and the youth’s father, she was expelled from the school on January 10, 2022.

The girl told the police that on July 07, 2022, the young man came to the village and took the girl with him from home. The woman alleges that he kept her with him at different places for 45 days and also made relations with him. The girl told that when she told the young man that you ruined my life. The young man took her into confidence and got married on August 19 in Bhopal. After that brought him home.

The girl told that the family members of the principal abused her. From here he was taken to the police station. It is alleged that the police got her to sign on a blank paper and sent the victim along with her father and brother after threatening them. After a few days, the victim reached the police station. The police station did not listen to him.

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