Agra News : Raid to arrest Bangladeshi

Agra News : Following the arrest of Bangladeshis in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra district, raids are being conducted in the city. On Wednesday, the suspicious people living in the outer settlements were verified. Documents like their Aadhaar, ration card, voter ID card etc. are being scrutinised. Six suspects have been apprehended. After preliminary investigation, security agencies are interrogating one of these youths on suspicion of being a Bangladeshi. Sikandra police interrogated half a dozen people, including Bangladeshi Ghazi and his son, who were caught in Runkata in 2018. He is currently out on bail.

Police had arrested 32 people living illegally in Sector-14 of Sikandra police station area. Four child abusers were also included in these. Eight children below the age of seven are also in jail with their parents. Since then, the police is continuously investigating Bangladeshi citizens.

Bangladeshi citizens who were earlier caught in the city have also started living in Agra after being released on bail. Sikandra police caught Saeed ul Ghazi and his son living in Runkata Basti on Wednesday. Six Bangladeshi nationals including Ghazi, his son and wife were jailed by the police on 12 October 2018.

Ghazi remained in jail for more than a year. Got bail from the High Court. After coming out on bail, Gazi started living in Runkata along with his family. The police had called him for verification. Police said he could not leave the country due to pending trial. Ghazi has to appear in the court.

The police say that if he is deported, from where will he be caught and brought. Due to this legal action, he is living with the family. He has property in Runkata. He also has a pucca house and two vehicles. He is doing junk work.

Police say that Ghazi’s son-in-law has also been found in the house. He is Bangladeshi. Came on passport and visa. At the same time, Ghazi’s employee Salman has also been caught in Runkata. He is calling himself a resident of Delhi. Inspector Anand Kumar Sahi told that Ghazi and his son Shamim were called for verification. Both do junk work. There is no suspicious activity.

Apart from this, Fatima of Sushil Nagar of Etmaduddaula police station area was caught on February 16, 2017. He was accused of running fake currency. He was caught by the NIA team from West Bengal. Took it with her. At that time, the police and security agencies had described Fatima as a Bangladeshi. The police is now claiming that he is an Indian. His advocates presented the documents. Fatima remained in jail for five years. After release came back to Agra. Selling vegetables again.

Inspector Rajkumar told that Fatima Begum was called to the police station. He told that he was born in Malda, Murshidabad (West Bengal). He is Indian. At the age of 13, she was married to a handicapped Sher Ali. His family members live in 24 Parganas, West Bengal. A person resident of Bangladesh was caught on the charge of running fake currency. He used to come to Fatima’s house. That’s why Fatima was caught. He is not Bangladeshi. Case is going on against him in the fake currency case. Fatima has four children. He has his own pucca house. Husband Sher Ali is deaf mute.

On the instructions of Police Commissioner Dr. Preetinder Singh, the police is verifying the suspicious people living in such settlements. Outpost in-charges have been instructed to make registers. Instructions have been given to the police that those who claim to be residents of West Bengal should be treated as suspects and thoroughly investigated. The police of the place where you declare yourself as a resident should be contacted.

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