Agra News : Senior advocate arrested, woman alleges rape and extortion of Rs 40 lakh

Agra News : Senior advocate Prakash Narayan alias Babli was arrested by the police on Friday in connection with the obscene video and photo going viral on social media last year in Agra police station New Agra. A woman had filed a case against him last month under other sections including rape.

The woman appeared before the police commissioner on Friday afternoon. He alleged that his life was in danger. If she does not get justice, she will be forced to commit suicide. On January 4, there was a fight between advocate Babli and the woman in the civil court. In this matter, Tahrir was given to New Agra police station on January 5 from both the sides.

The woman resident of Sikandra area had made serious allegations against advocate Prakash Narayan Sharma. At the same time, the advocate accused the woman of making the video and photo viral. The police were told that the woman was demanding Rs 2 crore as extortion from him. Despite giving 40 lakh rupees, the photos and videos went viral. Private photos and videos were stolen from his phone.

On the other hand, the woman told the police that a case is going on with her husband. Earlier his advocate was Prakash Narayan Sharma. Came to his house in lockdown. Started saying that there was a dispute with the wife. Will stay at his house for a few days. At home, he started misbehaving with her. Raped her several times. Started asking him to make porn films. There is a lot of money in this work. It is alleged that he used to send her objectionable photos with other women on his mobile. Used to send obscene messages. 40 lakh was taken from him for contesting the elections. To grab The police had also registered a case against the woman.

The woman told the police commissioner on Friday that the accused advocate was not allowing her to enter the civil. She is in litigation with her husband. Let’s follow him. They are pressurizing to withdraw the case. His life is in danger. He is imprisoned in the house. If she does not get justice, she will give up her life.

DCP City Vikas Kumar told that advocate Prakash Narayan Sharma has been arrested by New Agra Police. Legal action will be taken on the basis of evidence. The police is interrogating them. A case is registered against him.

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