Agra News : Sewer came out of taps instead of Gangajal

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : In Agra’s Punia Pada, Grass Market, Ahir Pada, sewers are coming out from the taps through which Gangajal should come out. Its foul smell caused vomiting. More than one thousand families are drinking water by purchasing it. Even after the complaint, the employees from the Jalkal department did not reach. In protest against this, the regional people protested on Monday.

The water problem is not ending in Gokul Pura. Earlier, water was not reaching more than 10 thousand houses. The water department installed booster pumps on Holi. This brought water, but it was not drinkable. Sewer smell is coming. Punia Pada residents Santosh Katheria, Birpal Sharma, Rashmi Tiwari told that the sewer and water lines are underground. Sewer found due to leaking water line. Tired of complaining for three days, but not even a louse was crawling on the ears of Jalkal officers. Vijay Verma and Raju pointed out that people can get sick from contaminated supplies. We have to buy water worth Rs 100 daily. What should those who are poor do? They are falling ill after drinking contaminated water under compulsion.

Pappu Yadav and Dhruv Sharma, who live behind the Punia Pada Shanidev temple, told that many people have fallen ill due to bathing in sewer water. The children vomited with water. Can’t go to school now. If the problem is not resolved soon, we will be forced to agitate. This situation is when more than four thousand crore rupees have been spent on the Gangajal project. Still people are yearning for clean water.

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