Agra News : Shameful act of retired Inspector’s son from UP Police

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : In Agra, a young man physically abused a girl from Aligarh by promising to marry her. Later refused to marry. The youth’s father is a retired police inspector. It is alleged that he also threatened. A case has been registered against the youth, his father and mother in Hariparvat police station.

The girl complained to the police commissioner. Told that he had met Kanpur resident Neeraj Pandey six months ago. He works in a surgical company. Lives on rent in Nehru Nagar. Neeraj befriended. Called to his room to meet one day. Raped by mixing drugs in cold drink. When she protested when she regained consciousness, Neeraj promised marriage. After that he kept it with him.

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