Agra News : Tension in Mantola after the murder of shoe artisan

Agra Khabar

Agra News : After the murder of shoe artisan Abid near the railway line in Kazipada of Agra police station Mantola, the situation has become tense due to the matter being related to two communities. The relatives of the deceased accused the police of negligence. The attackers are said to be gamblers and drug addicts. A large number of PAC and force have been deployed after the incident.

Shoe artisan Abid’s brother Nasir Qureshi told that Abid was second among four brothers. Everyone works as a laborer. There was a dispute a week ago with the attacking youths of Nala Kazipada. When brother was passing alone today, the attackers surrounded him and killed him. The attackers fled when the people around arrived. DCP City Vikas Kumar says that action is being taken by registering a case on the basis of Tahrir.

Youths gamble on the banks of the railway line in Nala Kazipada. Dr. Siraj Qureshi, president of the Hindustani fraternity, told that due to gambling there are frequent quarrels. There is a gathering of gamblers and drunkards. Complaints have been made about this many times in the peace committee meeting, but no action was taken. GRP Agra Fort has also arrested gamblers many times from here.

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