Agra News : The young man had gone to give an interview, the respect in the hotel room was broken.

Agra News : On Thursday, a young man was robbed on the pretext of a job in a hotel located on Fatehabad Road in Agra. The young man had come to give interview. Caught him in the room. clothes off. After making a video after fighting, snatched debit card, mobile and other items. The accused ran away sitting in the auto. The police have detained the hotel staff. they are being interrogated.

Anshul, a resident of Trans Yamuna police station area, had seen the job advertisement. A number was written in the advertisement. On talking a young woman spoke. On Thursday, he was called for an interview at a hotel on Fatehabad Marg. On reaching room number 201 of the hotel, 5-6 people were found. There were eunuchs among them. He surrounded

Started snatching ATM cards from him along with papers. He refused. Holding it, took off the clothes. Just left the underwear. Started making videos. During this, they started asking for the PIN of the debit card. He told because of fear. They started transferring money with the help of ATM. But there was no money. Because of this nothing happened. Got him beaten up. Took off his clothes.

On making noise, the hotel staff came. But, they also did not try to save, instead started demanding their fare from the accused. Later, the accused fled away with his pants, bike keys, purse, papers, debit card. His auto was standing outside the hotel. The staff did not attempt to apprehend him. Anshul informed the police. PRV reached. Later, police station Tajganj came. The hotel manager and an employee were taken into custody. they are being interrogated.

Inspector Bahadur Singh, in-charge of Thana Tajganj, told that the room in the hotel was taken from the ID of Simran Kaur. The address of Haryana was written on it. Is being investigated. The accused will be identified from the CCTV footage. There is a possibility of connivance of the hotel personnel. A case will be registered on the complaint of the youth.

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