Agra News : Three sisters made doctor’s mother hostage

Agrak Khabar

Agra News : A doctor of Agra police station Shahganj area has accused the sisters of keeping the mother hostage in the house. Complaint has also been made to DCP City in this regard.

A doctor living in Shahganj area has said in a complaint letter to DCP City that three sisters want to usurp their mother’s house. That’s why she came home seven months ago with her father. Took the mother with her on the pretext. At that time he and his brother were not present in the house.

It is alleged that by giving intoxicants to the mother, she got the donation box of the house in her name. Since then the mother has been kept hostage. Not allowed to meet anyone. Talking on mobile is also not allowed. Father also harasses.

The doctor also gave videos of his mother, in which she is talking about being held captive. Police station Shahganj has been ordered to investigate in the matter. Inspector in-charge of police station Shahganj says that action is being taken in the matter.

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