Agra News : Trailer seen in February during G-20, whole city will shine in August

Agra Khabar

Agra News : The work on the National Highway and Fatehpur Sikri Road is about to begin, just like the way the VIP road from Kheria Airport to Taj Mahal was lit in Agar for the two-day meeting of the G-20 in February. February was just a trailer, but before the meeting of Culture Ministers of G-20 countries in August, the whole city will be beautified. On Thursday, Commissioner Amit Gupta gave instructions to the officers in the meeting for preparations for the G-20 tour to be held in August.

In the meeting held at the Commissionerate Auditorium, Commissioner Amit Gupta said that the G-20 delegation would come to Agra in August. Before that, repair work of all the National Highways and Fatehpur Sikri Road of the city should be done. Like VIP Road, beautification, painting, painting, plants and all buildings should be painted in one color on these roads.

Due to rains, there is no problem of water logging in August, so plan in advance. In all these places, instructions were given to underground the electric line at the intersections with Torrent Power. DM Navneet Singh Chahal, ADM City Anjani Kumar Singh, Municipal Commissioner Ankit Khandelwal etc were present in the meeting.

The Commissioner instructed the Additional Municipal Magistrate to jointly visit these routes daily with the team of ADA and Municipal Corporation to fix illegal encroachments, unplanned exit boards of shops, counters and facades changed by shopkeepers. It was told in the meeting that due to the work done by the Jalkal department, the road has sunk in many places, expressing displeasure, the commissioner gave instructions to construct roads and to make entry gates of the highway.

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