Agra News : Who were the Bolero riders? came like the wind and took the property dealer in the car

Agra Khabar

Agra News : A property dealer was taken away in a Bolero ride from Narayach located in Trans Yamuna police station of Agra. The wife expressed the apprehension of her husband’s kidnapping. Complained to the police. He is being searched on this. It is feared that the police of another district have taken them away. However, the property dealer could not be traced till night.

Originally a resident of Pilipokhar in Khandauli, Jitendra has a shop in Narayach, he is also a property dealer. He went to a factory on Monday morning at 11:30 am. Were talking about renting it out. Only then 5-6 people came in Bolero. He forcibly took her with him. There was no number on the Bolero. The factory owner called Jitendra’s brother. Wife Kirti called on this. The phone switched off. The wife informed the police when the phone did not ring till 2.30 pm.

Etmaddoula police reached. The case was of Trans Yamuna police station area. On this the police came there. Police searched. See CCTV footage. Car riders are seen in it. The number is not written on the car. Station in-charge Inspector Anand Prakash says that the search is on. A case will be registered on the basis of Tahrir.

According to the police station, Jitendra’s brother was talked to. He told that Jitendra was earlier caught by the police. He was interrogated. Then there was a case of robbery in the bank in Khandauli. Jitendra stays away from the family after his father’s death. It is suspected that the police have taken him away. Although no one is confirming this.

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