PNG And CNG Price Increase In Agra Today

AgraNews : Green Gas Limited has again increased the prices of CNG and Domestic PNG in Agra. The price of CNG has been increased by Rs 1.96 per kg and that of PNG by Rs 1.93 per standard cubic metre. The increased rates will be applicable from 6 am on Sunday. CNG price is higher than petrol in the city. The price of petrol is Rs 96.32 per litre. Diesel is being sold at Rs 89.49 per litre.

CNG in Agra was Rs 97 per kg, its price has increased to Rs 98.96. While domestic PNG has increased from Rs 58.50 per standard cubic meter to Rs 60.43. The prices of CNG and PNG have been increasing continuously since September. CNG consumers are getting costlier than diesel and petrol.

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